What is Yoga?  The word yoga is derived from Sanskrit and has numerous translations and can be interpreted in many different ways.  One way being “union with the Divine”.  It is generally recognized that Yoga is a mind, body, spirit practice with historical origins rooted in ancient Indian philosophies and teachings.  It was originally intended as a comprehensive system for addressing and maintaining one’s complete and total well-being on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The practice of Yoga incorporates physical postures or poses, breath awareness and breathing techniques, as well as meditation, mindfulness and ultimately, connection to and one-ness with the Divine.

Today, one can use various aspects or all of the aspects of Yoga in order to enrich one’s quality of life, enhance the connection to oneself and others, achieve physical fitness and vitality, improve mental clarity and concentration, relieve stress, feel grounded, calm and peaceful and to deepen one’s own spiritual practice.

Relax and Renew® Restorative Yoga (using various props to provide a completely supportive environment for total relaxation), in particular, can be very helpful in managing and coping with stress, aiding in the relief of the effects of chronic stress, replenishing depleted energy, reducing fatigue and promoting deep relaxation.

Private Sessions are completely designed and customized for each individual’s needs and concerns at the time and whether that’s learning pranic breathing and visualization techniques for managing and relieving stress, resting in restorative poses to replenish depleted energy or working on active poses to increase strength and flexibility, clients come away with tools and skills that can easily be used in their daily lives.  A session or series of sessions may include any or all of the following or a combination thereof:  restorative poses, stretching, breathing techniques, active poses and guided visualization meditations. 


The benefits of Yoga practice are tremendous.

•Fosters and enhances general health and vitality

•Facilitates emotional balance

•Promotes a state of well-being, calm and peace

•Aids in stress reduction and management

•Balances and restores life-force energy (prana and apana)

•Helps to reduce fatigue

•Deepens relaxation

•Improves strength and flexibility

•Encourages mindfulness

•Supports a deeper connection to oneself, others and the Divine