“I've been seeing JoAnn for both Reiki and Bach Flowers for about a year and a half now and I always tell people it's changed my life.  I began seeing JoAnn at a time when I was struggling with depression/anxiety and a low energy level.  Her work helped support and ground me when medication and therapy weren't enough.  I'm a therapist and work with a very demanding population.  JoAnn has also given me several tools to prevent taking on some of the negative energy I encounter in my work.  JoAnn is incredibly warm, friendly and caring.  It's so easy to be with her and to share information that I would previously only tell my therapist.  I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in energy work.”  -- Sarah B.

“I’ve had chronic myofascial pain syndrome for the last 15 years and have general stiffness and tightness overall, especially in my right shoulder and hip.  I did a Restorative Yoga session with JoAnn where I learned specific poses geared towards opening up and releasing these areas and was taught how to do them on my own at home.  As I practiced the series of poses she had given me to do over the next week, I noticed the tightness in my lower back, hip and shoulders releasing and there was less strain.  It was such a great experience, I subsequently went back for another session to learn more poses.  I’ve made them part of my regular routine and look forward to doing them, especially before bed, since they’re so relaxing.” -- Katie M.

“JoAnn is a knowledgeable and compassionate healer who I've seen for about 4 months now for Bach Flower Remedies…I found that talking to her about several challenges has been extremely helpful and she is one of the most understanding healers that I have worked with - she truly listens to you and I highly recommend you reach out to her if you're considering Bach flower treatment…” -- Adrienne G.

“I had an incredible Reiki experience with JoAnn. I had no idea the power of Reiki, in fact, I was quite blown away by our session. It became a pivotal point in a big life change.  Had I not met with her, I may not have been as aware of the intense healing that needed to take place. Her warm, intentional nature is therapeutic and powerful.”  -- Sharon W.

“My Reiki session with JoAnn was profoundly healing. As she moved her hands on certain areas, especially my forehead and back of the skull, and heart center, I could feel very strong emotions start to come up. I could actually feel that shift and change in energy, as it was being released. It was incredibly intense and cleansing. If you're at all curious, please try it. I can't recommend it enough. JoAnn was so patient, caring and sincere, and I felt immediately comfortable from the beginning of the session. JoAnn's a really gifted healer, and it was a really wonderful experience for me.”  -- Jen S.

“Having never practiced Yoga before I met JoAnn, I was anxious when I first walked into her Basic class.  JoAnn's knowledge and enthusiasm were readily apparent from my very first experience, as she guided the class through an invigorating and reflective 75-minute class.  Because JoAnn presents several variations of poses to appropriately challenge all students in the class, I was immediately put at ease and gained confidence in my own abilities.  While her classes are challenging, hearing laughter is as common as hearing the deep breathing that often accompanies difficult poses.  Whether one practices yoga to improve strength and flexibility, to relax and relieve stress, or to progress to more challenging classes, JoAnn is a wonderfully supportive and encouraging teacher who has helped me to incorporate yoga into my life.  Having now practiced yoga for two years, I can say that the hardest part of my yoga experience was signing up and walking in the studio door for the first time.” -- Matt W.

“JoAnn is a sensitive and deeply intuitive healer. Her work is subtle and gentle, yet very powerful.  My regular Reiki sessions with JoAnn have helped me to deal with the physical and emotional imbalances I experience due to fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition.  She is always completely present with me while she does her work, allowing her energy to flow to the areas of my body that most need it.  While the 90-minute session is relaxing in and of itself, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of JoAnn’s work is that it extends beyond the session.  Through her healing touch, I have become more aware of my body's holding patterns and how to let go of them once I am off table.  I highly recommend a Reiki experience with JoAnn to anyone looking to restore physical, emotional, or spiritual balance.”  -- Katie M.

“I'm feeling really happy and more settled.  I liked using the Bach Flowers and it was a good way for me to check in with myself.  Overall it was a positive experience for me.  And I felt totally comfortable with JoAnn.”  -- Ariel

“The Reiki work that JoAnn did opened up energy for me that needed to be worked on.  Lots and lots of things coming up about taking care of self, real interesting – and it has made for interesting work too!”  -- Deb K.

“I made my first appointment for a Reiki session with JoAnn when I realized that I was feeling stuck and couldn’t find a way to move through certain veils.  I knew I was the only thing holding me back, but I didn’t know how to find the blocks and move through them.  JoAnn is a master at her work, and has a deep command of the power of Reiki.  I felt safe, comfortable and completely understood and taken care of as soon as I entered JoAnn’s space.  As I was receiving the session, I’ve never felt so relaxed!  (I wondered if this is how a baby feels when we are tucked safely in the womb.)  With JoAnn’s expertise and caring nature, she answered all of my questions after the treatment and shared powerful insights with me that helped me see how past experiences, limiting beliefs and stagnant energy were holding me back from creating my future the way I want it to be.  The sense of calm, secure, relaxation, and even relief, that I experienced after my first Reiki session with JoAnn is a gift beyond words.  Thank you JoAnn, for the beautiful, purposeful and healing work that you do.  You are changing lives at a very deep level with your gifts.”  -- Laurie P.